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August 2016

  • Vol. 1 No. 1
  • A comparative study on the reason of diseases between Ayurveda and Korean medicine

    Bok-soon, Lee*

    This study is about a reason of diseases between Aurveda and Korean medicine. Looking into ideological background of two theories about the reason of body diseases this study's aim ......

  • A Study on healing analysis through a movie image - The emphasis of the film -

    Han, Hwa-Sung*

    Recently, we and our society is also changing rapidly to fit the rapid growth of life depending on the land, urbanization, population aging, nuclear family with ......

  • Personality Classification and Subordinate Concepts in the Enneagram

    Kim, Hyung-Rog(Ven. Inkyung)*

    This paper is not a field study on the effectiveness of the Enneagram but a theoretical study for expanding the subordinate concept of personalties together ......

  • The basic theory of navel breathing therapy -Theory of Qi Unified Energy-

    MeongJu Kim

    Qi is the essence which composes of universe and very tiny materials and unified things that is exercising which can't be seen and touched ......

  • Legal Review and Functional Limitation in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine(CAM)

    Sae-Rom Park, Jae-Bum Lee*, Dong-Ho Lim

    This study was conducted in order to clarify the vague boundary between complementary and alternative therapy and medical practice, which has been controversial ......

  • The changes in the trunk movement during gait

    Yong-Ho, Cho, Hyuk-Tae, Cho, Sung-Wook, Park*

    Purpose:The purpose of this study was to examine that change in the trunk movement during walking. Methods:Thirty ......

  • Development and Physiological Activities of Functional Yakju

    Myung-kon Kim, Han-seok Cho and Keun-kwang Lee*

    The results of testing the development and physiological activities of a functional Yakju containing pear(Pyrus pyrifolia) and ginger(Zingiber officinale) were as ......