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August 2017

  • Vol. 2 No. 1
  • A Practice process of Calculation method of breathing and a Meaning of Natural healing in the Respiration method

    Moon Eulsik

    the purpose of this paper is to examine a practice process of calculation method of breathing and meaning of Natural healing ......

  • Health care in tea therapy and its cultural connotation

    Zhang Lin

    Objective: To explore the medicinal and health value of tea, to deepen our understanding of using tea as a form of therapy and its cultural connotation ......

  • A Study of Cinematic Space as a Healing Factor - A Case Study of -

    Han Hwasung

    The world of our time has seen the vast development in communication technology as well as the entry into the advanced ......

  • Aromatherapy to govern the mind and body of cancer patients

    Hasagawa Noriko

    Now around the world, about 6 million new cancer patients are increasing every year. The first cause of death in recent years in Japan is 'cancer'. One of the three Japanese ......

  • An Effect of Habit Improvement Program based Meditation for the University Students

    Kim Changjoong

    The purpose of this study was to identify an effect of habit improvement program based meditation for the university students on research participants’psychological ......

  • Mechanism of Navel Breathing Therapy’s autotherapy

    Kim Meongju

    Navel Breathing Therapy is a simple interesting autotherapy that improve the self-healing power by relaxing body and mind through breathing and ......

  • Research of Naturopathy in Eastern Asia - For Ruyi(儒醫) -

    Kim Sangwon

    This study is the research on Ruyi(儒醫, Confucian Doctor or Confucian Medicine) oriented in the Song dynasty(960~1279) in China, spreaded across ......