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February 2018

  • Vol. 2 No. 2
  • Application of Visualization in Yoga Nidra

    Kwak Mija

    As one of the relax meditations, visualization in yoga nidra was studied based on the imagery in cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) ......

  • The Exploration on the Application of Enneagram Personality Type in Transpersonal and Spiritual Counseling

    Hwang Imran

    This study theoretically researched how to utilize Enneagram personality type as transpersonal and spiritual counseling's model through ......

  • A Comparative Study on the Effects of Psychosocial Intervention in Inpatients with Chronic Schizophrenia

    Lee Misun

    The purpose of the study aimed to examine the efficacy of psychosocial intervention with social skills training and arts therapy for inpatients with ......

  • The Consideration of Genital Image and Sexual Satisfaction

    Lim Sela

    This study focuses on co-relation of genital image and sexual satisfaction. Based upon research results of Herbenick, Reece, Schick, Sanders, Dodge ......

  • A Study on the Utility Possibilities of Art for Naturopathy - Focus on the Art Therapy-

    Oh Kayoung

    This study examined the availability of the Art as Naturopathy. Especially, the study explored the conceptions, features and effect of the Art Therapy ......

  • The holographic vision of the universe and it's implication for understanding the relation between mind and body

    Jo Hyunsoo

    The reason why people has a great difficulty in understanding how the human mind can exert various kind of action upon it’s body lies in that people ......

  • About the potential of the Electronic Zen as a new meditation in the Electron Era

    Kim Namsoo

    This paper is intended to explore the new terminology "Electronic Zen" [電磁禪] oriented from the video art by Nam June Paik in 1960s, flowed around ......