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August 2018

  • Vol. 3 No. 1
  • The changes of Muscle tone, Muscle stiffness, and Grip strength according to Method Applied Taping

    Cho, Yong-ho Park, Seoung-uk

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the changes of muscle tone, muscle stiffness and grip strength according to taping application method The subjects of this study were 30 normal adult subjects and measured the variables by non stretched taping and ......

  • The Effect Relations of Fun Factor and Health related Quality of Life of the Female Elderly Participating into Oriental Medicine Qigong Exercise

    Lee Sangbum, Choi Yuseok

    This study verified and conducted the effect of fun factor of the elderly who participated in oriental medicine Qigong exercise upon health ......

  • The study of natural factors and Irisin expression

    Jung Sungrok, Eo Suju

    This study was carried out to investigate the expression of Irisin(browning) by natural factors such as 'cold' and 'aging' and was undertaken to understand the health factors and positive effects associated with fat metabolism, which ......

  • The Effects of Meridian Massage upon women’s shoulder Pain Decrease

    Oh Chae-won

    The Purpose of this study was to verify the effect of meridian massage upon the reduction of women’s shoulder pain. For this, study derived 45 women participants with convenience sampling and judgemental sampling among ......

  • The Effect of Functional Adjustment Procedure on Cervical Kyphosis and Postural Balance

    Seo Kang-min

    This study selected on the subjects of this study the twelve subjects who had a Cobb’s angle less than 35°or Jochumsen’s depth less than 3 mm after cervical plain X-ray, and was conducted to analyze the effect of functional ......

  • The Phenomenological Considerations of a Healing Illustration

    Joun Gi-Soon

    Usually, illustrations are considered the exclusive property of specialists and have been shunned by busy modern people. However, this paper emphasizes that illustrations are a useful therapeutic tool to make use of the free time available ......

  • A Study on Job Stress Factors and Degree of Beauty Industry Workers

    Deok-mi Jeong, Yeon-sook Song, Keun-kwang Lee

    This study conducted a questionnaire survey against 700 beauty salon employees across the country in order to figure out for job stress factors and degree. Then, the study results found the followings: In terms of overall job ......